Engaging with SIG360

Providing value engineering for cost effective construction

Our BDM team at SIG360 will manage your project from start to finish consulting with you every step of the way, accepting plans in both analogue and digital formats to suit client requirements. Working with colleagues from around SIG Plc, SIG360 is able to evaluate product performance linked to costs to ensure best value at all times.

STEP 1: Design Meeting

Planning and design meeting to discuss the specific technical, commercial and legislative requirements of the project. Plans are then provided by client in an analogue or digital format.

STEP 2: Technical Work

Plans and project requirements submitted to the Technical Centre for evaluation.

STEP 3: Project Pack

Project pack sent to the customer providing all the technical compliance documents required on the project.

STEP 4: Pricing & Delivery

The business development manager coordinates with the local SIG branch to provide costs and arrange for stock to be held plus provides the customer with necessary branch contacts.

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Energy Saving Insulation


SIG360 can now collaborate with you using a 3D model using our Digital Platform BIM360 Docs.


We also accept traditional forms of communication on 2D AutoCAD drawings such as .DWG.

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